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I know that in the spheres I'm usually in, masculinity is a delicate flower. But everything that I've seen about reaffirming heterosexuality is more about reaffirming masculinity. I'd be super interested to know about the fragility of heterosexuality, if you wanted to talk about it. :D

I just mean that a lot of straight people act as if heterosexuality is this perfect little snowflake.  

Don’t let your kids around gays, they’ll turn gay!

Don’t let your kids watch those shows, they’ll turn gay!

It’s like you can only be hetero if you avoid the entire world.

PUFF: A Fat Femme Identity


When I was first looking into words for my transness, I had a lot of difficulty finding a term that fit. Being fat is a big part of my identity, and the same could be said for some of my trans friends. Specifically, the way I presented myself — femme, verging on high femme when I could manage it — was directly affected by my size. Why should my transness be any less affected?

After some discussion with other fat trans friends, I settled on the word “puff” to describe the specific way my gender, presentation, and fatness intersected. I wanted to offer it here as a new label for any fat femme trans people that wanted another word for their identity!